Root Canal Treatment in Hicksville and Farmingdale, NY

Root Canal Treatment in Hicksville and Farmingdale, NY

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, excessive tooth decay, pimples on your gums, or sharp pain when chewing, chances are that your root canal is infected. The only way to treat the situation is by getting a root canal treatment - without which the infection may cause loss of a tooth or spread to the gums and cheeks, resulting in an advanced infection that would need surgery for removal.

A root canal treatment involves removing the infected part of the tooth root and cleaning it out to ensure optimum oral health. The cause for irritation of the pulp could be deep decay, cracks or chipping of teeth, trauma to the face, fillings, or repeated dental procedures.

What does Root Canal Involve?

The root canal is practically a pain-free procedure as the dentist will offer local anesthesia to numb down the area around which the procedure is going to be conducted. The dentist will place a sheet of rubber called the rubber dam around the tooth to keep the tooth dry and free of saliva. Then, he or she will drill into the affected tooth to access the decayed parts. The pulp, found in the innermost layer of the teeth, along with bacteria and decayed nerve tissue, is cleaned out. Once the inside of the root canal is scrubbed clean, a water jet is used for flushing away debris. Lastly, the hole that was drilled will be closed using a tooth-colored sealant. In case a major part of the tooth was damaged due to decay, you may need a tooth restoration. A tooth restoration is simply an artificial tooth crown that can easily replace a damaged tooth and appears like a natural tooth.

Root canal treatments are effective and long-lasting solution that help do away with toothache and infection and manage to keep the surrounding teeth and gums safe. So, if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or toothache, give us a call right away and schedule an appointment so that we may take a close look at the issue and recommend a root canal treatment if necessary.

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