Use It or Lose It: End of the Year Insurances Benefits

Use It or Lose It: End of the Year Insurances Benefits

Posted by SimpliSmiles on Dec 23 2020, 06:54 AM

Are you aware that your dental insurance gets reset every year? And the pending benefits of this year will not be rolled out next year, which means you will lose out on the benefits if you don't make the most of it. We completely understand that the last thing you would want to resort to during the end of the year is checking the pending benefits in your dental insurance. But remember you just don't lose money by not reaping the benefits from the insurance but you are also compromising with your dental health.

Let's discuss some of the points on how to reap the maximum benefits of your insurance and stay healthy. 

  • Small Problems 

Often small problems in the oral cavity can lead to a disastrous situation if left untreated. The small pain in the oral cavity that you encountered a couple of months back could lead to a root canal. So if you are experiencing pain at this time then you can make most of it by visiting your dentist. 

  • Regular check-ups 

Generally, insurance plans provide coverage for 2 check-ups a year at an interval of 6 months, in case if you have not visited your dentist in the past 6 months for cleaning then it is the best time of the year to visit the dentist. 

  • Covered services

Some people pay a premium price for dental insurance where they get the maximum benefits like X-rays, cleaning, etc. so if you are someone who fits into this category then, visiting the dentist will put you ahead of the dental problems and makes you proactive for the future oral problems. 

  • Appointment 

Since we all have the habit of pushing things till the end, you will notice that getting an appointment during this time of the season is difficult as everyone is behind taking the benefits of the dental insurance. So being proactive and taking the appointment before you stand last in line will be the smart choice. In the worst-case scenario, you might not get the appointment as a result you will end losing the benefits. 

It all starts with a small pain in the cavity and ends up causing huge damage both for your oral health and your pocket. At Simpli Smiles we have encountered many patients who despite having the benefits of dental insurance have ignored visiting dentists and as a result, they suffer both oral health-wise and financially. 

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