6 Tips to Maintaining Good Dental Health

6 Tips to Maintaining Good Dental Health

Posted by SimpliSmiles on Oct 12 2021, 11:47 AM

Though everyone knows the importance of oral hygiene, most of us don’t practice it. Having poor oral hygiene can cause both dental and medical problems such as gingivitis, infection, tooth decay, bone loss, heart disease, and more. 

Here are 6 effective tips that can help you maintain good dental hygiene:

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing is one of the easiest ways of maintaining your dental health. You should make it a habit to brush at least twice a day for about two minutes each time. It might seem easy to follow but it’s also important that you brush your teeth properly. These are the techniques to follow while brushing your teeth:

  • Place the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees near your gum line.
  • Instead of pushing the bristles to your teeth, brush gently in a circular motion.
  • Properly brush the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of your teeth.


Flossing allows you to reach those spots between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. It removes food debris that can’t be removed by brushing regularly. So, you must floss at least once. 

Use Mouthwash

Using a mouthwash daily can help reduce plaque, gum diseases, tooth decay, bad breath, and dry mouth. We recommend using mouthwash that contains Listerine or chlorine dioxide as it controls harmful bacteria in your mouth. 

Reduce Sugary and Acidic Foods

When you consume more sugar and acidic foods and drinks, it results in tooth decay. You must drink plenty of water, replace your unhealthy snacks with fruits or veggies, and avoid soft drinks.  

Take Calcium and Other Vitamins 

As you know, calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Having milk, fortified orange juice, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, and other dairy products can be helpful. Calcium and vitamin D are important for healthy gums, teeth, and bones. Vitamin B complex protects your gums from bleeding. Other minerals like iodine, zinc, iron, and potassium help in maintaining healthy dental hygiene. 

Visit the Dentist

We recommend that you go for a dental checkup at least twice a year. During your visit, the dental professionals will examine your overall oral health. In case of tartar, tooth decay, or gum diseases, the required treatment will be done. 

Simpli Smiles offers the best dental care to maintain your beautiful smile. For inquiries and appointments, call us at (516) 336-4902 or (516) 756-0111, or visit our offices at 400 S Oyster Bay Rd #105, Hicksville, NY 11801 or 297 Main Street Farmingdale, Farmingdale, NY 11735. 

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